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Brand Design, Coaching + Consulting, Property + Lifestyle

Elephant Creative Design worked with Terry to re-launch his suite of brands in 2017 to become the leading authority in residential property research and analysis in Australia. His brands are

Ryder Property Research, Hotspotting and Property U

The research phase identified Terry’s core Brand Values and Brand Personality, which was integral to developing his suite of brands as a strong family with cohesive brand strategy. The designs reflect a strong suite of brands, with a strong, clean and bold shape at the heart of each icon. Colour coding the different entities ensured each brand has a strong identity, but remained as part of the Ryder Property Group family.

Brand Architecture. Identifying his growth formula was important to allow his businesses to work side by side and independently to their relevant audiences.

Ryder Property Research continues to develop their suite of brands and businesses, delivering their research with consistency, authenticity and integrity.




The Corporate Identity redesign covered all of the Ryder Property Research Businesses
Research uncovered their core Brand Attributes which was at the heart of their businesses
Their Brand Values underpinned every choice they made with their new brand direction
The Corporate Tagline expressed the core values that resonated with the audience - looking for the truth!
A suite of Stationery for the Parent Brand - Ryder Property Research
A comprehensive book Brand Guidelines that covered all of the Ryder Brands
Template Brochures for Property U that can be adapted across a variety of uses
The Ryder Property Research Websites were built
Folder and Fact Sheets were developed that introduced the Corporate Brand
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