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Woollam Constructions is a leader in the commercial construction industry with a long and proud history spanning over 100 years.

Craig Percival first said to me – what do you think of our logo? I replied, as I always do, I can’t really comment until I know what you want your brand to DO for you. I didn’t know if there brand was WORKING for them, because I didn’t understand what they really needed the brand to deliver.

It was clear that Woollam had a long and proud history, but along the way, they’d kind of lost their clarity – and heir image was letting them down badly. With a mis-matched bunch of business cards spread out across 4 offices in 2 states, they needed consistency.

But they also needed confidence. Confidence in the great work they were delivering and had been delivering for nearly 100 years. Confidence in how they delivered their messages and to install confidence into their clients’ eyes.

So, we began our process which involves an in-depth ‘get to know you’ process, which includes not only getting to know them, but critically, getting to know their clients.

Getting to know their clients was enlightening and enjoyable, as with many clients I work with, their story was typical. They did brilliant work, were highly valued and hugely popular. They had a large number off raving fans and deserved to be portrayed in a better light that ensured their continued success for another 100 years!

We also spent valuable time speaking with a large selection of their team, which gave us critical insight into how they work, their values and their behind the scenes approach.

The internal research culminated in a workshop with key decision makers, where we compiled all the research and gained a consensus on some key changes to the business and the brand.

• A name change. From T.F. Woollam & Son – to Woollam Constructions

• A new office location with outstanding branding built in!

• A bolder, more confident approach to their branding and marketing

Throughout the brand transformation process, we identified their uniqueness, or brand essence that stood at the heart of their operation and reflected the way they operate. In the field of construction, challenges and changes are par for the course. What made their company stand out was the way they always ‘worked together’ to sort out the issues that always occurred. From this we developed a tagline: ‘Working together sets us apart’ which became embedded in their brand.

Their brand was launched throughout their 4 offices and has continued to evolve and is now a solid and proud leader in its field of commercial construction, looking forward to its next 100 years of growth!

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